Make some napkins.

—by Hannah

Napkins are the perfect project when you absolutely love a fabric and have no idea what do and shouldn’t be buying three yards without a plan. I love making napkins because they allow me to see fabric that I feel I need to see all the time. You know the feeling. I choose the easy way by serging. My co-workers work a little harder than I do.

Gina makes two sided napkins. She prefers quilting weight cotton and shot cottons.

Amy neatly miters her corners. She prefers yarn dyes and organic cotton canvas, of which we are proud to be carrying again.

Lindsay Shrader, a sweet customer of ours, faithfully came in last summer buying fabric for her wedding napkins. She graciously shared a few photos with me. They turned out great! I always think this is a fun idea and a perfect way to bring originality to a wedding.

My favorite napkins at the moment are Meredith’s down at Modern Domestic. She has embroidered some springtime linen napkins. They’re stunning.