red feather throw

—by Heather

On my second or third day working at the store I was tasked with folding a stack of fat quarters which had been cut from some fabric we had recently received. Among them was this red feather print by Martha Negley. It was love at first sight. I cut myself a yard and a half the first chance I got.

But what to do with it? I knew I didn’t want to cut it up so I settled on a nap-sized, whole-cloth throw large enough to really wrap up in. 60 x 60 inches seemd like a good size but my fabric was not wide enough. Buying more of the same fabric and matching the pattern didn’t really appeal to me so I thought about it for a while. Then my copy of Denyse Schmidt’s new—and spectacular—book arrived and I found my answer. It was as if, right there on page 71, Denyse herself gave me permission to simply add another panel of fabric to make up the difference. Lucky for me, the perfect shot cotton was waiting.

The perfect shot cotton that looks like a completely different fabric depending how the light hits it!

My throw is tied. I have always loved tied quilts. I love the utility of them and the homey quality they have. I love the grid they impose on the quilt and how, from a distance, the ties look like little birds in flight. You can tie a quilt with yarn. Or you can use embroidery floss, sashiko thread or perle cotton, all of which we carry in the store.

The back of my throw is a vintage linen tablecloth I have had for years. You can see the beginnings of a cross-stiched design on the egdes and a bit of the faded stich pattern all over it. Something a crafty lady like myself started long ago and never got to finishing. I’m so happy to have found the perfect use for it.

Plans are underway for another throw like this using a lightweight, hi-loft wool batting we are getting in the store soon. Yeah!

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