Our gal Heather: a more proper introduction

—by Gina

A few weeks back Heather joined us at Bolt as a fabulous new team member!  We’re super happy to have her with us.  I put up a brief introduction a bit ago and now for the more in-depth intro, with some photos of Heather’s sewing space and projects.  Read on, enjoy and say hi next time you’re in!

Planning, tracing, cutting and daydreaming…

BN: Can you tell us a little about your sewing memories/experience/ history?

HA: My Mom taught me to sew when I was a kid. I made so many simple aprons for her as gifts—she probably got tired of them. One thing I remember about our sewing sessions together is my tendency to rush things, or skip steps that seemed boring to me and then when I’d mess up and she’d (patiently) tell me to get the seam ripper out, I’d get really mad and stuff the project into a drawer—sometimes not returning to it for months. Now I really enjoy the process and take my time, making sure to get things right. I really take pride in a finished product with high quality details. Thanks, Mom!

BN: What’s a favorite project you’ve made?

That’s a hard one! I’d probably say my Wiksten tulip skirt and the jacket I made for my daughter last fall using the Oliver + S School Days Coat pattern are at the top of my list. I am also feeling especially proud of the patchwork pillow covers I recently finished using blocks from the Denyse Schmidt workshop I attended last summer.

Sewing, serging, supply storage and inspiration board.

BN: What’s your favorite notion/tool? 

HA: I love my edge stitching foot because it allows me to do perfect top stitching and edge stitching.

BN: Are you an impulse fabric buyer or planner? 

HA: A little of both. I usually buy fabric without a project in mind, then when I start the planning process, I go “shopping” in my stash. If I don’t find what I need there, I’ll buy something specific. Often I see a fabric I feel I just can’t live without, and then think up a project for it and then buy the amount I need. I’m working on such a project now, having been inspired by some new fabrics that came into the store last week.

Books, patterns, yarn, works in progress, and doll triage.

BN: What’s a favorite desert or meal?  If it’s from a restaurant, which one? 

HA: Right now my favorite meal is the Chicken Fried Rabbit at Clyde Commons. Yum. 

BN: Anything else you’d like us to know?

HA: Yes. I am so thrilled for this opportunity to be part of the team at Bolt and am really looking forward to getting to know our customers and the community a little better. 

Welcome Heather!