Texture and Light

 -by April

Create a highly textured look with light weight fabric and shirring on a large scale. 

White fabric, in it’s simplicity, can do good things with light and texture.  This technique made my gauze curtain feel more like a fluffy cloud. I used double bubble gauze available here at the shop.  The fabric has a nice texture and fine weight.  A nice linen or other gauzy light weight fabric would also do well.Start with a length of fabric that is two and a quarter times the length you would like it to be as a finished curtain. I spaced my sewn lines about 9” apart. The edges i decided not to gather and left them floppy.

You will need as much ribbon as the length of your window times the number of rows that you sew into your curtain. I have seven rows and added a few inches of ribbon to the top to use for the tabs to hang it on the curtain rod. I used a light weight ribbon, twill tape would also be a great option.

Make sure you are using elastic thread in your bobbin.  A shirring technique can be found here from Jamie Christina.

Once all of your shirred stitch lines are in place you are going to hang the piece up. Notice how the fabric just wants to stretch out? The idea is to stretch it out evenly. 

Pin your fabric to your ribbon in the desired gathering on the back side.

Sew the ribbon to the back side of your curtain along each elastic row in spaced out increments where you pinned it.  This will assure that there is not more or less weight being distributed onto one line of elastic over another. Sew a small zig zag back and forth securing the fabric to the ribbon.