Product Spotlight: Turn It All tool and skirt ties

—by Gina


A while back the very talented Laura Gunn did a demo at Modern Domestic that involved this clever, clever tool, the Turn It All.  Upon seeing it in action, my jaw dropped.  It was so quick and so easy and so simple.  It involves different sized tubes and different sized dowels that go with each tube, that you use depending on what size tube you’re trying to turn right side out.  Turning tubes has long been a deterrent for me on projects.  Not a deal killer, but definitely leaves me thinking of alternatives.  The other night I was working on a store sample—a reversible wrap skirt, shown below.  I wanted to keep moving forward and didn’t have the tool with me, so I tried turning one tie with my old standby: a chopstick.  I worked on it through the entire length of a movie and it still was not completed.  Ugh.  So, the next day April and I played around with the Turn It All and success!  In fact, it works so quickly, I actually had to slow it down so April could snap some shots.  It even comes with an endorsement from famed doll maker and Laura’s mom, Elinor Peace Bailey. So fear not of turning tubes, just pick up one of these clever gizmos and get to it!


A bit about the skirt—it sews up in a flash.  I made this one with a sweet old fashioned two tone print on one side and a soft, deep purple shot cotton on the other.  It has a good chance of being the perfect summer skirt.