Folkwear Patterns

-by April

Folkwear Patterns are such a great part of our pattern selection here in the shop. We have more than 40 different patterns from their line. 

These patterns not only span decades but also ethnic themes from around the world.  Folkwear patterns have been published since the 70’s and still hold strong in their niche of offering what they do best. The value is great in that the unisex patterns offer sizing for both women and men.  The kid’s patterns have a nice range as well.  These are just a few of the patterns in the shop.

 Need that perfect western shirt for a play? Perhaps you just want to go country.

Want that blonde bombshell look for some foxy bridesmaids dresses?  Maybe you are very fond of a certain decade of fashion, chances are you can find it with Folkwear.

 Check out the photo gallery on their website. There are some great photos from real people in such a wide variety of situations.