Sleeveless Knit top

—by Heather

We have an excellent selection of knits in the store right now so I was inspired to make up a sample highlighting one of them. I chose this gorgeous blue soy/cotton blend and used Jalie 2806 for the pattern.

The design of this top appealed to me because of the gathers around the neckline and the band at the bottom: simple design features that add a bit more interest beyond a basic tee, yet not terribly difficult or involved. Sadly, I didn’t cut enough fabric to make the band at the bottom but I will be sure to do so next time. However, even without it the shape of the top narrows at the bottom, creating a nice blousing effect.

Although I love this fabric, I would think twice about using it again for anything gathered. It’s a tad heavier than other knits and thus creates a bit of bulk around the neckline that I don’t love. I’d recommend selecting something just slightly lighter in weight.

The instructions for this sleeveless version have you simply fold the raw edge to the inside and stitch, which I did—despite never having been successful using that technique. This time was no different. It didn’t seem to matter that I was so careful, gently steaming, using a stabilizer and stretch stitch: the armholes are still stretched out and wavy. From now on I will always make a facing or bind arm holes like the neck.

I like this pattern a lot. It’s a very cute design and I’m pretty excited about making another few. Come check out the other Jalie patterns we carry. Many of them are designed for knits, and with the weather heating up and summer just around the corner, you’ll want to have plenty of comfy and cute tees to throw on.