Just in: Japanese prints, Stitch and more feathers

by Gina

Just yesterday boxes were opened with some lovely new Japanese fabrics.  The brighter florals are a fine, lighter weight, perfect for these warmer days ahead. 

The latest Stitch magazine is in.  While flipping through, I came across an article on the history of thread.  I think thread is one of those things that gets easily overlooked as just a part of the process, but can really be a highlight of a project too.  Check out this and this for inspiration.

And, we just can’t seem to get enough of this amazing feather print by Martha Negley.  Here it is in the latest color to come through our door.  Love.  We also are quite fond of Kaffe Fassett’s Aboriginal Dots, and have some fantastic new colors in.  This is a great blender or stands well on its own.  Just for fun—I once heard a customer tell a friend how to remember how to pronounce his name—“you’re safe with Kaffe.“  I share that sentiment and appreciate the rhyme.

As we move into the warmer summer months, Last Thursday celebration is gearing up.  In the past we have not stayed open late on this evening, as it seems to be pretty quiet in the store while there’s so much happening right outside the door.  I’m thinking of trying out a couple of late night openings, maybe for Last Thursday in July and August.  Let me know what you think—will you come visit us on Last Thursday and enjoy all the Street has to offer?  Or does the idea of the busy-ness of the event keep you away for the afternoon and evening?

See you soon!