Embellish with Floss & wool batting here

-By April

Wool Batting is now in stock! 

A whopping 93” wide and light weight. It is very fluffy yet warm.  This high loft batting would be great for tied quilts.


Like the look of my cheater couching?

I found this great tutorial on using embroidery floss in your bobbin here.

This is an exciting prospect for writing text on fabric with out too much fuss. The embroidery floss just floats on the top of the fabric.  It is surprisingly fast and easy. 

Write your word in pen or chalk onto Swedish tracing paper or tear away stabilizer. I think cursive font is a great way to go, less stops and starts.

Now flip the word and place on the back side of your fabric. Stitch slowly following your word as if you were writing in cursive.



Now here is the bobbin side of your fabric.  You will want to thread the tails through to the back side of your word.


The embroidery floss and the thread will be needed to finish the back neatly. Tie them together, tie the floss into a few knots, use the thread to stitch into your knots of floss.

Tear away your stablizer or paper. This step takes longer than anything, be careful not to tear out your knots.

Wasn’t that fun!