Just in: flashy metallic, boxers and mice, and local talent

—by Gina

I don’t know about you, but I love shiny things.  These two beauties just came in from Dear Stella.  Prints we’ve had, recolored with metallic gold.  Oh yeah.

Two new double gauze prints from Japan, just in time for the warmer weather.  If you haven’t introduced yourself to the loveliness of double gauze, please do.  You’re in for a treat.  Sews beautifully, washes beautifully, feels beautiful.  Can it get any better?  The bottom one is a Nani Iro print, by Naomi Ito.  Her color combination is gorgeous, no surprise.

More great prints from Japan.  If you look closely, the top print includes mice, hats, catci-like plants and boxers?  I couldn’t resist the oddness of this one.  The bottom print—more cuteness with animals.  These are playing instruments, or have them strapped to their backs while strolling along.

We are so proud to show off local talent, Erin McMorris’s latest group, La Dee Da.  Sweet prints, fresh colors.  A fabulous combo!  Stay tuned for more from Erin!