Tackle the Pile, getting some things done

by- April

Working here at Bolt is a constant inspiration. I get to live vicariously through others projects most every day.  Thank you wonderful community of sewers that inspire me all the time!  On the same note thank you for the feedback I have had this past week from people about the blog.  I love to hear that we are inspiring you too!

I have been on a big push lately to try and get some things done that have been lingering for some time. I am always inspired to start new projects but need to check a few almost done projects off my list first.

I am a huge fan of making lists. It is a bit of a rewards system for me. I have several going at once, one for sewing projects, one for the garden and the house. Crossing off things on the list gets me one step closer to starting new projects and staying on task. The fabric surrounding my list is inspiration and motivation for a quilt for baby A. 

I set aside a day, or days of the week for certain types of projects. Have a bigger pile to tackle? Making a date to just work on those things can really help. Imagine that pile of mending disappearing after just a few hours.  The most important thing is to keep the dates you make, you will thank yourself for it. Sometimes it helps to schedule a sewing date with friends.

I have been sitting on this quilt top for years. This pattern is from Denyse Schmidt Quilts: 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects. Now that she has come out with her new book I am anxious to try out some of those patterns but needed to finish this up first. I have had the quilt tied now for a few weeks. I used the wool batting we got in recently here at the store, it is a fluffy dream. I am binding it today and wanted to share a small tip about how I bind quilts.


I stitch the front first as per usual, then go back and iron.  I use stitch witchery to fuse the back part of the binding directly over the stitch line from the front.  I then go back and top stitch the binding, it leaves a stitch line on the front side as well.

If you have never tried stitch witchery, get some! It binds fabric together, eliminating the need to use pins. Shown above is the quarter inch variety (looks like a spider web strip). This is my go to for matching up patterns in seams as well.