Just in: Miscellany

—by Gina

We’ve toyed with the idea of having different things made up with the Bolt name on it and sort of giggled about some of the ideas and set the ideas aside.  Well, no longer is that the case!  We now have these Bolt yardsticks.  They’ve made me giggle for a while.  Now that I’m more used to them, they make me grin.  We have them on our cutting tables and one hanging on the wall behind the cutting table for you to check out.  And, a shameless plug for my bff who made it happen for us…

We have baker’s twine now, in six great colors: red, green, brown, aqua, pink and grey.  Sold either by the yard or a full spool of 100 yards.  Fun, fun!  I’m wondering how it would work in April’s thread-writing method….Anyone tried it?

The ever-fabulous Alberta Street Fair is coming up!  Mark your calendars for August 11th and any of you interested in vending, vendor registration is open.  We’re proud to be one of the sponsors for this event that is welcoming and amusing for anyone and everyone.

I can’t resist tossing in a pic or two of some of the newest additions to the fabric collection at the store.  Below are pears from Robert Kaufman and rabbits and stars by Marisa of Creative Thursday, for Andover.