Local Favorite: Abrahams & Duffy

By- April

If you have not been in to see our neighbors abrahams&duffy now is the time. Join them this Saturday for their one year anniversary celebration!

They carry a fresh collection of apparel and accessories for women.
Chic, brainy and classic designs. If you have a love of fabric, you’ll enjoy abrahams&duffy’s touchable, comfortable clothes. You might even recognize some of the fabrics from Bolt turned into garments lovingly made by local designers.

They strive to carry small independent designer owned lines that are making a real effort to lessen their footprint, whether that be through the choices they make about fabric and material sourcing, or where they place production, or a combination.  Most importantly, there is a good story behind what the designers are doing.

 The shop owners, Daisy and Marissa, are both mothers to young children and need to wear many hats throughout the day. They wanted to carry clothing that is comfortable, but most importantly, flexible. I am sure we can all appreciate a wardrobe that is easy to dress up or dress down and look good either way.

This shop has offered them a change in their careers, and a chance to live out their dream of being their own bosses. They chose the Alberta Neighborhood because they live here and recognize the amazing people in the community and love being a part of it.

The name of the shop comes from their Grandmothers’ maiden names, what a wonderful tribute.