Personal Trim Challenge

—by Heather

I’ve never really been a big user of trims, despite liking them very much. I guess it’s always felt a bit like gilding the lily somehow, at least for me anyway. But since we have so many beautiful trims at the store—ribbons, lace, pom-pom fringe—I decided to challenge myself to think of ways to use them.

Keeping the fabric simple seems to be key for me in using trims. I needed new kitchen towels so I bought some our basic off-white towels and added a simple strip of ribbon on either end.

A double-layered version of the Lazy Days skirt has a piece of lace sandwiched between two layers of shot cotton at the bottom hem.

I am currently making another Scirocco dress and am planning to use this gorgeous ribbon down the front of the bodice.

I made some headbands using this tutorial which I think is brilliant in it’s use of ponytail holders for the elastic at the back of the neck. So quick and easy!

Here are some other fun uses for trims:

•  Wrap washers or bolts with ribbon to make beautiful pattern weights.

•  Make a belt out of ribbon. We’ve got the rings for these.

•  Cover a pillow with Pom Pom Fringe. We carry locally made organic cotton pillow inserts you can use for this.

•  Trim a Moleskin with lace.

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by one of these projects as I was.