Product spotlight: jeans buttons

—by Hannah

We’re excited to be carrying this new no-sew product. A jean button can replace a button on that pair of jeans that has been sitting in your repair pile for way too long. You can even fasten them on your jeans for suspenders that require buttons. My husband has been asking for these for quite some time so I was excited to use them as soon as they came in!

First thing’s first, position the jean button where you prefer to have the button. I positioned mine on the outside of each front belt loop. Use an awl (we carry these at Bolt) to puncture a tiny hole. Insert the smaller half of the button through the wrong side of the denim.

 Next, on the right side of the jeans line the larger half up with the smaller half.

On a wood surface tap the smaller half two times in order to secure the two halves together.

Below shows a jean button hit too many times. You can see that it is a bit bent. Also, be carfeul not to hit crooked because the button will also turn out bent.