Just in: Kokka, Liberty and Cloud 9, oh my!

by Gina

Another exciting week around here.  We have welcomed in some of Heather Ross’s newest group, Nursery Versery for Kokka, as well as new Echino designs and the start of our Melody Miller, Ruby Star Spring 2012, order.  Ready for some pics?

Yep, you really are seeing little piggies going to the market, eating toast and jam, and crying all the way home…and the itsy bitsy spider.  Heather’s brand of cuteness is pretty darn hard to resist.

Not the best pic, I’ll surely admit that.  But you get a glimpse at Etsuko Furuya’s latest group: animal portraits with ornate frames, and deer in glasses.  There are even a couple little less whimsical prints with elegant flowers and birds.

Sometimes seeing new fabric in the store makes my heart beat a little bit faster, other times it causes me to sigh a relaxed sigh from the beauty in front of me.  Liberty causes the latter.  I think we currently have more Liberty prints right now than we’ve ever had at one time.  That means a really great selection!  Here are the latest additions.

I was already so excited about today’s post before the Cloud 9 box even arrived.  Then I opened the box and saw this.  I am so excited about this collection.  Let me tell you why.  The first reason, you can plainly see—the designs are bold, modern, great colors.  The second reason is that they’re printed on 100% organic cotton, 7 oz. canvas.  The third reason is that somehow the kind folks at Cloud 9 were able to keep the price extremely reasonable, so these pieces are no more (in fact, less) than their non-organic counterparts.  Wow.  Above is shown the Geocentric collection.  We also filled some shelves with part of the Simpatico collection, also organic cotton, but a lighter, medium weight, perfect for baby bedding!

One of the ripple effects of all these things showing up all the time is that our remnant bins are over flowing and we are moving things into the sale section all the time.  Be sure to stop by often, not just to soak in the new sites, but to take advantage of our space-making efforts!

Reminder: We will be CLOSED for a rest on Labor Day.  Enjoy the holiday everyone!