Product Review Idye

-by April

We carry a great product called idye.  Idye, you dye, we all dye!  Yes, it is easy, takes about an hour and can turn that white dress you never wear into that cute red dress you love. There is a natural fiber dye for cotton, silk, linen or rayon fabric. Also available is a blend for polyester or synthetic fabrics.

 Here is the outcome!  I was very happy with the results. The ease of this product is worth talking about.  I filled up the washer with hot water dropped in the water soluble dye packet and a cup of non iodized salt. 

 Here is a variable on the red dye. The fabric on the left is dyed in warm water and rinsed in hot.  The fabric on the right was dyed in hot water and rinsed in cold. Both of these started out white. Keep in mind if adding dye to a fabric that is already a color the dye will blend with that color. Have a yellow dress and add blue dye you get a green dress. Turquoise fabric dyed in violet becomes indigo. Don’t be suprised if the stitching or a notion does not take the dye at all.  Thread and zippers are commonly polyester in cotton factory made items.

There are many variables with this process.  The most important thing is to READ THE DIRECTIONS and follow them.  It can be tempting to just dive in and go for it. All the directions are printed on the inside of the package so don’t just throw out the package, you will be left guessing with out directions. I have had several batches in the past not turn out as a result of basically not following the directions.  It is much more satisfying to do it right the first time instead of having to go through the entire process twice in order to get the color that could of been easily achieved the first time.

One reason this product is great is that you can really devise your own method of fabric dying depending on your set up.  I used a top loading washing machine. For a front loader consult the idye website for tips and tricks. You can also use a dye pot on the stove top. I say dye pot because once a pot is used for dying it is no longer safe for cooking.

Most questions will be answered in the included directions.

One other product we offer from this line of dyes is a fabric sunscreen, or sunblocker.  I would reccomend this product for any curtians in vans, boats or rv’s to keep them from fading. 

Commonly asked questions

  • Can I remove dye from the fabric if i don’t care for the results? There is a color remover available if you want to start over.
  • Will this dye my washing machine? I have not heard of this happening. Washing machines are enamel coated steel or stainless steal.  Metal will not take dye.
  • What if my garment is a blend of fibers? The manufacturer recommends using a package of both varieties a natural dye and a poly dye.
  • What if i don’t have a washing machine or a dye pot?  Start with a container of hot water for your dye. Keep a pot of water on the stove to add to the dye vat as needed to keep the temperature up for the full recommended time.  The natural fiber dye recommends that the fabric sit in the dye vat for at least 50 min. to retain the intended color.