Just in: Alexander Henry and eyelet

by Gina

First, a reminder of a schedule change coming up.  We’re holding our staff retreat this coming Monday and Tuesday, February 4th and 5th, so the store will be closed those two days.  We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Now, onto the latest arrivals…

I have a very special spot in my heart for eyelet.  My mom made many special occasion dresses for me as I was growing up and one of my all time favs was the white eyelet with pale blue lining dress she made for First Holy Communion.  I was so excited that you could see the light blue through the holes of the eyelet.  And, from that time on, eyelet has wooed me.  We recently received a couple of interesting eyelet and embroidered pieces from Robert Kaufman.  Lovely for every day or special occasions.  (We have a black one too, but I didn’t think it would photo well enough to show the detail.)

I love getting Alexander Henry prints in at the store.  (This is turning into a love letter of sorts, isn’t it?)
It’s not only because I love their designs, it’s because there has always seemed to be a slight element of mystery around these deliveries.  I am never really sure when they’re going to show up, or which ones from those I’ve ordered, we’ll actually receive.  (They print after receiving enough orders.  So, sometimes the not-so-popular color combos I may choose will not be printed.)  Their designs are always just a little different in a way I really enjoy.  I’ve been waiting for this zebra print.  Excitedly waiting.  And, here it is.

And, in pink…

And some smart, modern trees.  Very much enjoying the burst of red on that grey/blue print.

See you soon!