Another look: Sew U Home Stretch

By April

This is the book that helped me with my 2012 goals, sew with knits. How intimidating is it to sew with knits, especially if you have had a disaster in your past with them.  This book changed the way I think about sewing with knits. 

  One of my favorite things about the book is the ability to mix and match pattern pieces and understand how to draft your own patterns.  I also love the confidence I have gained since sewing with this book.  I am not much of a garment sewer and am now hooked on sewing with knits.

The table of contents…. you can see she covers lots of topics. Using a serger or a traditional machine, yeah it’s in there. Lessons on types of knits and prepping your fabrics. There are helpful tips on finishing and reinforcing seams, sewing elastic in knits and recycling old clothes to make them new again.

Once you have tried a few patterns you get the hang of the various fits.  I would suggest making a practice piece the first time around.  I found the fit to be quite different from pattern to pattern.  The raglan top is one of my favorites, runs a little short. I had to add several inches in the length to accommodate my torso. The classic t shirt however was fine in the length. 

Even if you don’t ever sew any of the patterns in this book, the info in here is totally worth it.  It is a great go to book for sewing with knits.

Here is another review of this book from our blog archives.  Thanks Melissa!