Local Favorite: Antler

by Amy

If you are headed our way this weekend for the big Bolt sale, do yourself a kindness and stop in and say hi to our new neighbors down the street at Antler. There are only two days left to see their current show, Unnatural Histories II. I fell in love with these beautiful, haunting, imaginative works, and with the esthetic of the gallery and shop. I asked the owners, Susannah and Neil, to tell me a little bit about Antler:

A: What is your vision for the gallery?
N: Susannah and I strive to continue to bring contemporary and imaginative shows to our gallery. We focus mainly on painting and drawing, although next month we are excited to feature the 3-dimentional work of Jason Borders, an artist who works on bones and skulls.
S: Our vision for our upcoming shows is to pair Portland artists with artists from across the country and beyond. This allows folks in the neighborhood to see what’s going on in the art community outside of Portland and it allows tourists who travel here to see Portland art what is happening in our amazing city.
A: What inspires you creatively?
S: We are fortunate to live in such an artistic city and neighborhood. The nature of the creative community here is so supportive, people are always encouraging one another to push themselves toward their next goal.
N: Also, we are continually inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the world. Most of the art we show is animal/nature based and every year in January we do a benefit show for the Audubon Society!
A: What are some of your favorite things about Portland and the Alberta Arts District?
S: Having already mentioned art, I’m going to have to say food. This is such a wonderful city to eat in. 
N: I’m going to agree, at our new location we are directly next to “Al Forno Ferruzza”, their pizza is amazing.
Thanks Susannah and Neil! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next to Antler.