Made by Hand

—by Heather

Lena Corwin’s latest book, Made by Hand, is a gem. Every turn of the page delights and inspires. It is chock full of exquisite craft projects presented in a wonderfully accessible tone with gorgeous photographs and clear step-by-step instructions. I do believe it will be my go-to for quite some time. And with gift-making-and-giving season upon us the timing couldn’t be better.

Chances are you or your favorite sewist also enjoy other crafts such as knitting, embroidery, printing, making jewelry or candles or soap. You will find a wide range of these here as well. Each project—or two—was developed for the book by some of the craft world’s most talented sewists, designers, and fiber artists working today. Many, such as Caitlin Mociun, Jenny Gordy and Shabd Simon-Alexander are my personal favorites.

I really had to restrain myself from photographing every spread in the book, but I managed to narrow it down to a few favorites which will hopefully give you an idea of how fun and smart the projects are.