Hand Printing Toweling

By April

Want a fun project that makes you look like a pro?

We have tea toweling by the yard in a nice natural color that is the perfect pallet for creating a hand stamped project. We also carry fabric paint to make your creation just the color you want.

The toweling is already hemmed on two sides making this project that much easier, you are half way done!

Steps to start:

Wash and dry, leave your piece whole to avoid loosing yardage to fraying in the wash. Forget the dryer sheets, they leave a coating on the fabric that will prevent paint from setting on the fabric as well as it could. 

Cut to size. I tore my 2yd piece into 4 pieces as I am making a set of napkins.

Print your toweling and let it dry.

I carved a linoleum block for this project.  Our Neighbors down at Collage have blocks for carving and carving tools. For some further printing how to check out this link: Hand stamped swaddling blankets.

There are many different techniques for printing from carved potato stamps to silk screens. Find a technique you are comfortable with and go for it!

Hem the raw edges that are left.

Throw these in the dryer on high heat to set the paint into the fabric well.  You may also use an iron, just be careful not to drag it across the paint surface as you can scorch the paint and smear it.

 This 2 yard 16” wide toweling in the end….. after it’s been washed, dried and hemmed they ended up measuring 15” square. It is a nice sized set of napkins.