Just in: Apparel goods, skulls and Star Wars

by Gina

We’re back from our retreat and busy opening up packages of all sorts of new goodies! Thanks for the well wishes while we were away.  We had a great time sewing, sewing, sewing and brought back wonderful new samples we hope you enjoy.

Now, onto the latest.  A shipment of apparel goods arrived and includes silk and silk/cotton, linen, rayon, knits and denim.  Lookin’ good! The silk/cotton print second from the left above has the beautiful lustre. 

And, new, fun prints in the cotton world:

Alexander Henry has always done a top rate job with skulls—sugar or not.

Every so often I veer off from my preferred path of non-licensed images as recognizable as these.  I couldn’t resist picking up these two Star Wars prints from Camelot….