Happy Spring Break! What are you sewing?

by Gina

Spring Break can bring an interesting combination of free time, family time, wonky work schedules…it seems around our house it’s a little different each year.  This year I’ve found myself with some free time, thanks to my co-workers and in-laws.  A huge thanks!  I’ve been having a hard time staying away from the store, especially since we received so many (really, so many) new wonderful fabrics the end of last week.  I’ve been busy day dreaming of all the projects I want to make.  Here are a few ideas…

Our selection of knits and light weight cottons is pretty unbeatable right now.  We also have the new Laurel shift pattern from Colette Patterns and some great options for this—both for the underlined version (lace in black, cream, navy, wool/rayon eyelet, cotton eyelet…) and non-underlined version. 

I’ll put up more pictures on Thursday of other new things.  There’s now a selection of outdoor prints available, some wonderful heavier weight canvas prints and I’ll show off more knits.  Such fun!  Tell us what you’re sewing this month.  We’d love to hear!

A couple of reminders: we will be closed this coming Sunday for Easter.  Our big store-wide sale will be April 12th-14th.  Fabric, books and patterns, all marked down!