Flickr inspiration: May’s pick

—By Heather

Welcome, June! Congratulations to Marci Macfarlane, whose photo has been chosen as this month’s Flickr pool inspiration winner. Marci is a prolific maker—be sure to check some of the other quilts she has made.

: :  I have been sewing since I was about 11 or 12, my mother asked me if I wanted to watch my little brother for the summer or take sewing lessons. I choose the sewing lessons. I found that sewing my own clothes was better then any store bought item not to mention that people always asked me where I got that cool dress or skirt. Being Scottish I could not throw away any scrap fabric, so naturally I started to make quilts for family and friends with the left over fabric. When things in life get a little too hectic I find that sewing calms me down. For over 30 years I sewed with a Montgomery Wards sewing machine that I received when I turned 18, about 3 years ago I finally up graded to a Brothers. I try to find at least 15 minutes every day to sew, the good thing about that is the 15 minutes often turns into an hour. I find making clothes and quilts for family and friends is deeply satisfying.  : :

Thanks, Marci for sharing with the Bolt community.

In addition to having her photo featured on our blog, Marci will receive a coupon worth 15% off her next purchase. Next month it could be you!