Just in: My new favorite book

by Gina, photos by Heather

The latest book of beauty by Natalie Chanin is here.  At any given moment you may find one of us pouring over the gorgeous images of incredible craft and luscious, elegant design. If you’re not familiar with Natalie Chanin’s work through Alabama Stitch, please introduce yourself to it.  You will find it a delight.  Am I gushing?!  Yep, I’m a fan.  As I look at the images here, and I sit looking out at grey Portland skies, I feel like I just want to hole up at the coast with this book.  I don’t know if it’s the neutral colors used throughout, or the hand stitched simplicity and beauty on every page, but I want uninterrupted time to just sit and pour over these pages.  Enough from me, take a peek for yourself, then come on in and see it in person!


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