Just in: African, Aboriginal and French...so international!

by Gina, pics by Heather

Such bright, beautiful prints in these two batches of African and Aboriginal designs. Above are the African prints, below are the Aboriginal prints.  Both groups really need to be rolled out to truly appreciate their beauty.  Please do so next time you’re in, it’s always a treat to see them in all their glory!

When I was ordering these prints at Quilt Market, it was really great to get the stories of these prints, what the various symbols mean.  As they are able to put these stories up on their site, I will certainly be passing them along.  It was a wonderful way to order fabric.

And, from France, these smart, chic, lovely apparel patterns from Deer and Doe arrived just the other day.  We’re delighted to have them.

And, what else you’ll see when you’re in next: yesterday I was opening a package of new stripey knits, some silk, double gauze….gorgeous and interesting additions to our apparel selection.  And, from Cloud 9, a few prints from their Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus line.  Cute, cute, and organic. 

See you soon!