Just In: Nordika, Briar Rose, Uno

by Gina

In addition to the quilting cotton prints I’ll show you, we received some more of those luscious soy blend knits, and a collection of new apparel goods—a mustard colored lace that is oh so pretty, an understated cotton linen blend with great texture, more interesting denim, incredible stretch lames (la-mays, imagine there’s an accent on that e!) and more….you’ll just have to stop in to see them all!  And, Hannah has replenished our stock of her beautifully crafted leather handles.  Now in three colors!

As for those fun medium weight cotton prints, here you go:

Lastest goodies from Art Gallery including Nordika by Jeni Baker.

Heather Ross’s first line with Windham Fabrics, Briar Rose. Cute, cute in that Heather Ross signature way.

I mentioned this group in last week’s post, but didn’t get a chance to include a photo.  Bikes, rain and clouds?! Were they thinking of Portland when they designed this?  I’m quite smitten with the navy with pink cloud print….the raindrops are pink and turquoise.  Lovely.

I’m a sucker for metallic, and a fan of Lonni Rossi’s designs.  So, it’s a hit for me—pieces from her new group, Facets from Andover Fabrics.