pattern review: ship shape tote

by Hannah

I love opening boxes at Bolt. Ever since this pattern arrived at the shop I thought it would be the perfect weekend bag. I knew I wanted to make a sample before summer was over. The Ship Shape tote comes together easily and is the perfect project for all of you quilters that want a break from making quilts. It gives the option to quilt it or just topstitch. I chose to topstitch because I mostly used heavier fabrics (with the exception of that fine piece of Liberty you see there) which would have made quilting a chore. There are just a few things that I did differently which I’ve shared below so read on and enjoy the photos!

Doe handles were perfect for this bag! Attach with buttonhole thread. I quadrupled my thread for extra strength. 

After you’ve adhered craft fuse to all of your peices, lay them out in the order you like them. Once you have one side sewn together you can reference the other to make sure all is in order. 

The pattern advises you to sew two strips of 6 and then sew the strips as one side of the bag. I advise sewing them together in fours because I’m sure that you can get the perfect intersection this way.

Included is a tiny peice of paper that corrects a meausurment for the gusset. 

See you soon!