the many uses of twine

by Hannah

We had so much fun with twine at our wedding! We made twine globes which was the perfect way to bring people together for our wedding, even the least crafty person you know can make these. Many of our friends took them home and used them to decorate their homes. There are many turorials floating around that will tell you to use all sorts of different things. We kept it simple and used flour, water and some Elmer’s glue. I found a tutorial for you that has a lot of different options. This is also fun for kids!

In the background in the photo below, you can see that my husband used zip ties and twine to string together baby food jars for the perfect strand of lighting.  

Here are a few close ups for you. Use two lines of twine, one line on either side of the jar. Zip ties are placed on either side of the jar, holding the two lines around the jar. When you pull the twine apart, it tightens the jar in place. 

Here I just zig zag stitched over twine for a simple accent to the pie cards. You can use a different color thread for contrast. 

More baby food jars with twine and tea lights.

Our guestbook. Simple and sweet.

Twine isn’t always about weddings. I always have some on hand for packing and wrapping. Also I found some more ideas/eye candy for you.

Check this out, for all of you who are preparing your homes for the winter and want to have everything fresh and new!

And one more idea for you!

We have a beautiful palette in the shop now! See you soon!