a mini collection by doe

by Hannah 

It has been two Fall seasons since I designed my first mini collection and I just realized that I never shared with you. I took a class with Emily Christensen at OCAC and loved every minute of it. She has deisgned a class that condenses the essentials of what she learned in design school. You learn to design starting with an existing pattern and altering it until you reach your concept.

For us, we started with the Sew Liberated’s Schoolhouse tunic. It has a nice basic shape that was easy to evolve into something very very different. My inspiration was a painting by Winslow Homer, The Fox Hunt. The whole process took the intimidation out of patterndrafting. 

The process was simple. We sewed the Schoolhouse tunic and tried it on. Then we started taking notes on how we wanted to change it and did a few sketches. We drew lines on the actual muslin, traced them into 2D, sewed it with the changes then tried it on again and did the steps over until we reached a piece we wanted. For a three piece collection, each of the three pieces had to have one thing in common. Then first and second piece had to share a common element and the second and third had to share a common element. In my collection each piece shared a shirttail hem, princess seams and was sleeveless. The first and second shared a gathered waistline in the back of the dress as well as a rounded neckline that scooped a bit further down in the back. The second and third shared a pocket detail and a v-neck line where, again, the back reached down the back a bit further than the front. Each piece in the collection is hand dyed. I had to sew roughly 20 muslins to finally reach my designs. It was challenging, yet satisfying, and most of all very vulnerable. Below are a few photos from my shoot. Thank you for looking! 

Dresses + styling by me : Doe Handcrafted

Photos : Christal Angelique

Hair+makeup : Kassandra Sommerville