a quilt for ephraim

by Amy

We have the pleasure of helping a lot of people make special quilts and blankets for the babies that come into their lives, but a few months back the ladies at the shop got together to make a quilt to welcome a baby who is very special to us!

We all started with one fabric in common, a natural linen and cotton blend that we felt was very “Hannah.” Then we went on our merry way, and created blocks that both reflected our individual sensibilities as well as our feelings for Hannah and her family. When we gathered together to tie the quilt sandwich, it was amazing to see how harmoniously our blocks had come together into a quilt that was somehow both tranquil and playful! 


 Little bits of liberty, shot cottons, chambrays, and stripes, all of it inspired by our love for Hannah.

Some people think I’m crazy for saying that putting the binding on a quilt is my favorite part of the process, but think of it as my “quality time” with a project before it goes off into the world. Handwork can be very meditative, and it’s as if each stich carries a little more love.


 Perfect for baby Ephraim!