fabric origami

by Hannah

With a six month old, I don’t have a whole lot of time to spend in my studio these days so I thought I’d invite paper origami into my world. I was yearning to see my hands make something so much I could hardly handle it. So crane after crane I went. My husband laughed and said I was addicted. 

Then the completion of the 11th crane came and I thought, ” Why not fabric crane?! Then I could have my fabric fix!.” I hurried upstairs and got to pressing. Then I came down with the most perfect fabric crane made of Liberty and my husband said, “I knew exactly what you were doing up there!” I didn’t realize I was so predictable.


And then I remembered April and I making fabric origami butterflies from Lena Corwin’s Made by Hand. Obviously I couldn’t stop. I have something planned for them, just wait and see. I’ve also been garnishing gifts with them, sort of instead of bows. This is a great idea for the gift season sneaking up on us! Remember you don’t always have to sew fabric to make something beautiful-a little steam and pressing goes a long way!