Last minute (very last!) Halloween crafting

by Gina

I usually feel like I’m just getting caught up to whatever holiday right around the day of or the day after, on a good year! I also don’t tend to get a lot of crafting done for my son, so I thought I’d really try harder this year with Halloween. I offered to make my son a trick or treat bag and asked what he would like. His response was it should have ninjas on it.

The thought of drawing ninja profiles free hand was pretty daunting and the idea of searching for images online, printing out, transferring to freezer paper or something along those lines felt too involved and easy for me to waste, I mean take, too much time doing. So when I remembered the ninja cookie cutters we had kicking around our kitchen drawers I was thrilled to have an easy way through. Pressing the cutters into the felt left enough of an indentation that I was able to draw the shape and cut them out. Easy peasy!The bag is super easy, nothing fancy, sewn up in the few minutes before getting dinner ready. Ninjas stitched on while we watched a movie, and done! We charged up the embroidery floss I used to sew on the ninjas and headed for the bathroom with no windows to test out the glow. It worked! I would recommend some thread conditioner for working with the glow-in-the-dark floss. I wanted to use more strands than I could keep together, and think the conditioner would really help with that.

I stitched these up with perle cotton, and think I may go over it with the glow-in-the-dark floss for next year. Finally, we have some decorations that I feel will last, and were so much more gratifying than picking up a Halloween snow globe.

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