Support P:EAR this holiday season!

by Gina

I’m guessing many of you locals are familiar with p:ear and the great work they do with Portland area youth. In their words, “P:ear creatively mentors homeless and transitional youth. Through education, art and recreation programs, p:ear builds positive relationships with each young person to affirm personal worth and to create more meaningful and healthier lives.”

image from P:EAR websiteWhy am I quoting their literature? Because we are lending a hand this season and are asking you to as well. You will find p:ear ornaments hung around the store with a much needed item on the back. You can choose an ornament, purchase the item (around $25 cost) and either drop it off at p:ear or at Bolt before December 19th. The items are mostly art supplies, not things that we sell at the store, we’re just helping spread the word. They ask that the items be “wrapped” in a sweatshirt or backpack to be given to a youth in need. Find out more about p:ear here and thanks in advance for helping!