pattern review:cooper bag

by Hannah: photos by April

Introducing the Cooper Bag, designed by Laura Collins of Pansy Maiden and distrubuted by Colette Patterns. I do say, it’s a real winner and I have no complaints. This beginner pattern offers three versions. I chose version 2 which is the backpack. The other versions include a messenger bag and a satchel which is a pannier for your bike!

We have everything you need for this bag at Bolt: jiffy rivets, tri-glides, webbing, and magnetic snaps. Version 2 has eight pockets and the flap closes with magnetic snaps. We’ve been carrying water resistant canvas (the perfect Portland weather fabric) at the shop the past few months and it was the perfect choice. For the lining I chose a hemp/organic cotton indigo stripe. We carry jiffy rivets in two finishes, silver and antique.

While sewing, here are a few tips for you. Choose your webbing and make sure your slides (for the adjustable straps) are slightly smaller than the width of your webbing so that the adjustable straps don’t slip every time you adjust them. Rivets. Usually rivets require a rivet setter. Jiffy rivets are a type of rivet that can be applied to your project with a mallet. On the backpack version the jiffy rivets are purely decorative so leave them off it you like. If you choose to use them, be sure that you tap very lightly multiple times. If you hit them hard two-three times, you’ll destroy them. Yikes! 

This bag is great. Come in and see our sample hanging! See you soon!