Just in: Cotton Linen blends, new Kate & Birdie

by Gina

The fine folks at Robert Kaufman have been rolling out some fantastic goods lately. We’ve been bringing in a wide variety of their linen blends. All pieces other than the top ones in each photo above are different cotton/linen blends. It’s amazing how different they are from one another and how lovely they are. The top pieces are 100% cotton each and just as lovely! Not pictured are the linen/ rayon Brussels we’ve received recently. Our latest color to arrive is a midnight blue/black. We’ll certainly be ordering more of these beauties. There are some great weights for tops and bottoms, good for every season.

These great prints are part of “Autumn Woods” by Kate and Birdie for Moda.

New oilcloth designs and the latest designs from Deer & Doe Patterns are on their way. We’ll keep you posted!