Spring Green Moneta

—by Heather

A multitude of diverse and gorgeous greens surrounds me these days. In my yard, on my plate—and now on my person! This lush green fabric is a bamboo blend knit which I knew, as soon as I saw it, would make a perfect Moneta Dress. Moneta and Mabel are the latest designs from Colette Patterns and are their first two patterns designed for knits.

My version is sleeveless with a lined bodice. The technique for finishing the lining and bodice together is new to me and came together quite easily. Thinking I wouldn’t want an extra layer in summer, I almost skipped the lining but I’m really glad I went for it and learned this new method. I did bypass the pockets though because I didn’t want any additional bulk near my hips.

Overall I like this dress and will probably make another but I’ll want to resolve some fit issues that make this first version not as flattering as I would like. The main problem is that the armholes gape. I think if you are making the sleeveless version your armhole needs to be smaller. Perhaps tracing the smaller size would work? I sort of wish I had made the 3/4-sleeve option. The neckline is a bit too wide for my taste so I will probably change that as well. I love the way the skirt gathers without being poofy and hangs delicately from the bodice—probably the bamboo deserves a lot of credit for that.

Give Moneta a whirl for your summer wardrobe! We’ve got plenty of beautiful knits to choose from.