Weekend Project: Botanics Design Set, creative applique

Some of you may remember this lovely stack of solids and prints. I used every last bit of this stack and some scraps from my Super Tote to create 3 throw pillows from Carolyn Friedlander’s Botanics pattern.

 If you are in the market for some quality, locally made, organic cotton pillow inserts we have you covered. 20” square available.

The pattern includes wonderful shapes that can be used to create a whole set. The pattern includes yardage for multiple sizes of quilts, a tote bag and basic envelope pillow instructions. Instruction on hand and machine sewing applique are also included.  

 I really had fun with the design process of this project. I cut out shapes in multiple colors to have a pallet of options. The shapes that did not make the cut for the front ended up on the backside of the pillows.





This pillow is from a sewing retreat weekend. I only had the one shade of thread. This design element ties in all the shapes together with the neutral background.  I like seeing the mark of the maker. It can give an object another layer of appreciation.  Seeing your stitches can be a good thing!

Happy Sewing!