American Made!

by Gina

When I was first told about the American Made Brand cotton solids being sold by Clothworks, I thought it may just be too good to be true. A cotton cloth that is: US grown cotton, US woven, and US dyed?! Then I saw the samples, felt the samples and saw that the price was really reasonable. These were all the factors I thought would make it not as great as it seemed. So…lo and behold, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of the first part of our initial order.

Supporting the local economy is something we take pretty seriously at Bolt, in part because we are reliant upon all of you making that choice for yourselves to support our store. We are also quite proud of the various items we carry that are made by our Portland friends and neighbors, or within the larger local community of the U.S. I truly hope that this is part of a large scale rejuvination of cloth manufacturing in our country and am proud to offer you the beginnings of the American Made Brand.

There is a challenge going on with AMB, for all of you who enjoy those sorts of things. Check out the “Farm to Fabric Challenge” details here.