Just In: AMB, Organic Fabric, Liberty, + Flannel

by Adrianna

This week we stocked up on some of our community’s much loved fabrics. When I say stocked, I mean we are ready to provide you all with some great project supplies!!

A company we are oh so proud of, that we just got in all they have to offer, is American Made Brand solid cottons. Their business has been booming as of late, and very recently they changed warehouses to a larger space to meet their demands. We are feeling slightly similar, as we have now devoted not just one shelf, but two to all their amazing colors. They are putting out several new colors in the upcoming months and you can be sure we will have those soon!

Another section of the store that expanded is our organic cotton shelf. We have added another shelf to that area just for these beauties. We have had many a customer ask if we will ever get in fabric with writing and words on it, and we have!! These gems, inspired by great biology, have some prints that explain what is on them. For example, wondering what all those leafy things are in the pink center bolt? Don’t fret, just take a peak at the print, it labels and describes the extravagent flora. Also, wondering what those butterflies are on the far right? Well, just repeat the process and enjoy. These would make for a great quilt for the smarty pants in your family.

To add to our Liberty of London section are these two pals -not to stray to far from the flora and fauna theme we seem to have going this week.

Just to melt your heart we got in these two super adorable flannels. They’ve only been in the shop two days and I’ve sold plenty of both for baby quilts and pjs.

To neutralize the other great colorful and adventurous prints, we got these fuzzy dot flannels. Great for a binding, or pj for the fabulous mellow folks.

Last but not least, we got another addition to our Mammoth Flannels. This guy is named lagoon.

Make sure to snag up some of these great prints before they hop off the shelves! Also, don’t forget to mark your calendars for our SUPRISE SALE this friday!! 10% off all fabric in the store, and already marked down items will be 50% off across the board (with a 1/2yd minimum cut).

See you soon, happy crafting