Elite Tote

by Adrianna


Although we have said this before about some of our bag patterns, I would like to emphasize just how easy and wonderful this bag is to sew up! There aren’t any bells or whistles with this tote, however in this case less is more. Looking for an extremely simple bag to sew up in several minutes? The Elite Tote is it. This bag pattern has just one pattern piece, and uses wide jute webbing for detail and brilliant simple construction. You can choose from 3 different sizes, and I’d recommend all!

Personally, I have been on the look out for a great grocery tote; something simple, with lots of room, and no fuss. You can add pockets and other details if you wish, or just keep it as sweet as it is.

As the pattern only calls for half a yard of outer and lining fabric (just one yard of fabric total!) and max 4 yards of jute webbing ($.99) this bag is not just easy to sew, but very cost effective. You can experiment with some of the great new upholstery and canvas fabrics we recently got in or the water repellent treated canvas! Maybe even Otter Wax it so it is weather proof! This bag can be as simple as you like, or a blank canvas to add as many details as you please.

Stop in and check out the sample in the store, and grab up a copy of the pattern for yourself!


See you soon, happy sewing