customer feature Annie

by Hannah

We love Annie! We know her for beautiful quilts, delightfully sharing her projects with us and Peggy’s shopper buddy. It’s always a treat when she stops in for a visit. Meet her and see some of the beautiful things she’s been working on over the years. 

When did you start sewing? Who taught you? I never learned to sew as I was growing up. I did other creative things - weaving, painting, embroidery - but I never learned to sew. As my daughter grew up she became friend with a wonderful group of girls, and I met their mothers. Luckily, two of them knew how to sew and they taught my daughter. Over the years, we all became very close, and I am fortunate that one of them took me under her wing and taught me to sew as well. I started with pajamas and a tee shirt quilt, and knew right away that quilts would be my passion. 

What is the most challenging part of sewing for you? What part of the process do you like the most?

I don’t know much about clothing, and it’s very exacting so I find it pretty challenging still. I need more instruction and more practice. I have done some of my own quilting but mostly take my things to Nancy at Just Quilting. That’s another area in which I have so much more to learn.

My favorite part of the process is the first few seams of a quilt. I love to see how the patterns and shapes come together to create something new that’s never existed before. 
Share with us what you sew.

I’ve made graduation and birthday quilts for my own children, friend’s children and my nieces. It’s such a pleasure. As I sew I think and think about the person I am sewing for, and stitch all of my wishes and hopes for them into the quilt. I’ve also done quite a few baby blankets now. Recently I’ve done some memory quilts for our family and for a friend’s family. It’s very emotional and takes a lot of thought, but I think it’s well worthwhile. 
How long have you been shopping at Bolt and why do you love us? 
I’ve been shopping at Bolt for three years now. It’s my go to place for starting a project, or for that one more fabric I need to make everything work. Just walking through the store I get so many ideas! I find that everyone in the store can help me think through a project, and I value their honest opinions. It’s such fun to talk about what I am working on and hear what they are working on. My kids have taken to going to Bolt with me and they each like to buy fabric for their own projects now and then as well.