Freezer Paper Napkins

by Gina

I seem to have become one of those people that believes it’s acceptable in some way to give someone their birthday present waaaay after their birthday. I figure I’m prolonging the celebration, right? I got this idea for my sister’s present right before her birthday, but am finally executing it, and I am not going to tell you how tardy this present is. It was such a fun project and I have this thing for making napkins, so it was great to do a new version of a project I always enjoy.

There are tutorials on line for freezer paper stenciling, so I’m going to keep it really brief. The process is quite simple. Trace your design onto freezer paper, cut out the stencil, iron it onto your fabric, paint the fabric, remove the freezer paper once the paint is dry, heat set the paint with the iron and you’re done!