Summer BBQ Aprons

by Adrianna


Summer weather is here and it is time to light up that grill of yours! Although aprons are a handy item to have all year round, I feel like I see folks sporting them more while grilling or cooking outdoors, especially for the two upcoming holidays (Father’s Day, Fourth of July). Aprons are super easy to make, and leave you with the most room for creativity and adjustments. These are great patterns for beginners and great for the whole family to make and wear together. Looking for a Father’s Day gift? Try one of these out! We have a whole smorgasbord of heavy duty denims, twills, canvas, ticking, webbing, and hardware to make a manly-man apron to use while grilling, working in the garage, or other activities. This apron I made is constructed out of Japanese Selvedge Denim, cotton Ticking, and webbing. I’m planning on making a batch of these for my family this summer and embellishing it by hand embroidering their names on each apron. You can get all sorts of fancy with an apron:)

A sample of some other great apron patterns we have in stock. We have a whole bin of apron patterns so make sure you don’t pass it over while perusing our pattern table!

Happy summer sewing fun time!