Drop Cloth Samplers

by Adrianna

It has gotten to the point where it just might be cooler outdoors (if you don’t have air conditioning), and the future forecast is looking like this 90+ weather is going to stick around for a while. I highly suggest finding a nice big shady tree, or a river, and stay around it for as long as possible! Got the creative bug though? Thankfully, we just restocked our Drop Cloth Embroidery Samplers and a new book from Rebecca Ringquist:)!! These samplers are perfect for being outdoors, or anywhere for that matter, and no experience necessary! Have you been wanting to learn embroidery or want to advance your knowledge on the craft? Look no further. These samplers have you practicing all sorts of techniques and the final result is a great wall hanging. Rebecca’s book is a more in depth tutorial on embroidery and teaches you how to get your creative juices going and design your own embroideries. Before you know it, you will be embroidering everything! And taking these with you everywhere!

A recent picnic to the Skidmore Bluffs with the Original Sampler. Below, Rebecca’s embroidery workshop book!

Some fun supplies you can experiment with!

Vintage Linen floss

Perle Cotton

DMC 6 strand floss

Stop on by and get inspired!