Just In: Apparel Goodies!

Last week I hopped a plane to LA to meet with some vendors on their turf. It was a treat! It was so fun to mill about their space and get to pick and choose whatever I saw, not limited to what they're able to get into a suitcase, or two or three and bring up this way. Cameron and Adrianna spent the first few days of the week getting it out for you all, and it's a great collection of goodies. Here are a few shots, but honestly, I was busy with continuing the process of getting them ready, so this is not a complete showing of all we have. Pop over to our Instagram to see more photos, and better yet, stop in and gaze upon them, feel them and imagine something great in your world made from them!

Stop by to see more. Hope you’re staying cool and your sewing space is in the basement and not the attic!

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