Back to School Bags

Art Student Tote: Pattern by Anna Maria Horner

Color Block Pouches Pattern

Looking for a fun, practical weekend project? Try out these awesome bag patterns! We are still in the spirit of back-to-school around here, and gearing up for Fall. These bag patterns are a great staple, whether or not you are an art student or not, these bags will help you get through any day or activity.

The Art Student Tote comes in 3 size variations, so you can make one, or all 3, to accommodate your needs. Large enough to fit a portfolio case or laptop, and durable enough to protect whatever is inside due to the heavy duty interfacing and canvas supplies that make up the bag. You can experiment withOtter Wax on all patterns to make them waterproof and more durable as well. What I particularly like about the Art Student Tote is all the pockets! Again, whether or not you are an art student, or student in general, these pockets are great for keeping you organized and holding as many small objects as you need; such as phone, pens, pencils, markers, mini notebooks, camera, tools, snacks, etc.!

The Color Block Pouches are another great way to help you stay organized. These are great for small notions, make up, and other small items you need to keep in one place. What is great about this pattern is you don't need much fabric at all! So you can either experiment with new fat quarters you find at the store, or old scraps you just can't throw away. Spice them up with our selection of colorful zippers, and maybe embroider on them what you have inside, or just a fun image! The possibilities are endless.

Happy sewing, and start to the new school year!