Ideas for Fall

by Cameron

It's just happened - my switch flipped. It happens every year at about this time. I'm done with summer. I'll do my best to appreciate the long days and the raspberries and the summer squash and the daily servings of ice cream, but really and truly all I'm doing is waiting for fall.

There's not much I can do to hurry the earth through her orbit, but I can start sewing for fall. The shop is full of inspiration, and I can't wait to get started on some cozy garments. These are just some of the fabrics and patterns I'm daydreaming about.

A plaid flannel button-up is both classic and practical. I made an Archer in Robert Kaufman flannel last year, and I'd like to add few more to my closet.

A less practical make, maybe, but I think the Alexandria Peg Trousers from Named Patterns would be beautiful in one of our new silk prints from Feral Childe. I'm partial to this more subdued landscape, but it would be hard to go wrong with any of their gorgeous designs.

The Cabin Dress is a great layering piece that you can wear on it's own or throw on over a pair of pants. In a double gauze, like this one from Nani Iro, it's a dress that could get you through all four seasons. 

Need a t-shirt for wearing under your flannel? The new Alabama Chanin book has a great, easily adaptable pattern, and we have the perfect organic cotton knits in the store.

Top 64 is one of my favorite Merchant and Mills patterns. It calls for a heavier weight woven fabric, so it's perfect for one of our Japanese cotton-linen blends. I've admired this striped cloud print since we got it in, and now I finally know what to do with it.

What's on your list for fall?