Just In: We're Hiring

I owe you a Just In post with fabric, I know...but we have news we couldn't hold off on putting out there. We're looking for a new team member, and need to get the word out. For those of you who have submitted a resume to us in the past, please feel free to get in touch and let me know you're still interested. Here are the details:

EDIT: Part time, three or four days a week, including Sundays and/ or Saturdays

Must have strong knowledge of sewing and fabric.

Good with numbers and attention to detail.

Extra points if you're already a customer and know what the store is like.

Honest, kind and hard working, please.

Starting pay is based on experience.

Interested? Please email (NO CALLS to the store please) me at: gina@boltfabricboutique.com and let me know why you'd like to work with us. And, if you would please help us spread the word, that would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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